Patrice M. Hawthorne


fax- 215-248-0410

                                    E-mail –

   Hair: Black                                           Weight:130

Eyes: Dark Brown                         Dress:  8

Height: 5’ 7”                                      Shoe: 10


Peaches and Herb duo                                  Peaches                                              Jenny Jones,South African, Mexico etc

“Ride the duck” bus tour                                                 Commercial/print                                Greater Philadelphia Tourism Dept

I ON cable tv talk show                                      Co-Host                                 Onmni 2000/Camden NJ

Miss Essentia Pageant                                  Commentator                        Henderson High School

State                            Internet Commercial            Sposto Interactive

“I Love Philadelphia”                             Commercial                  CBS3 TV

Spice Roads Restaurant                                Commercial                  Taj Mahal Casino

Cash Point                                            Commercial                  Virginia Co.

Simply Shine                                         Testimonial                   Car Product

Stage 3                                                 Background                 Kids Educational Video

CBS                                                     Mother                         CBS 3

MC3                                                     Nurse                           Pharmaceutical Company         

MIDI                                                    Manager                       Ethics Company

Video                                                   Backup singer               Pharmaceutical Company

Commercial                                          Testimonial                   Comcast Video on Demand

Boscov’s/Celine Dion                             Finalist                          NBC 10

Hack                                                    Nurse                           CBS3

Born to Diva                                         Finalist                          VH1 show

Where are they now                              Interview                     VH1 show

Natalie Cole                                          1st place winner                 “Big Break” TV show

Dancin on Air                                        Dancer/vocalist             Channel 17

Purlie                                                    Luttibelle                      Playhouse in the park



“Godspell”                                            Myself                          Keswick Theater,Ewing Theater

The Ghost of Marvin Gaye”               Mother                         Various theatre venues

Thanksgiving Day Parade                  Solo performance            NBC10

Celine Dion                                           Choir                            Celine Dion concert

Concerts                                               Peaches                                    West Indies, Jamaica, Korea etc

Orchestra                                             Band leader/vocalist            Weddings, Corporate parties etc

Inaugurations                                        Vocalist                        Mayor Wilson Goode, Ed Rendell, Pres Bill Clinton

Traveling thru the decades                     Vocalist                        Carnival Cruise Line

B.A Communications (Radio Television and Film)                 Temple University

Music                                                                                       Creative and Performing Arts

Improvisation Classes                                                             Kaliedoscope

Karate                                                                                      John McClary’s BEST Karate   


1st place winner                                                                         Showtime at the Apollo  

Artist of the Month and National grand Champion                     Coors Light Talent


Charles Schwab (Client)             Model                           Peter Olson Photography

Stock Photography “Soccer Mom”            Model                           Tim Proctor Photography

Upscale African American family   Model                           Corbis

“Once upon a Nation”                         Model                           Philadelphia Tourism Dept

Shark Tunnel                                        Model                           Adventure Aquarium/Camden


Horseback riding                                                                       Songwriting

Special event coordinating                                                      Vocal arranging

Works well with children                                                 Jingles recording artist