Starting from an early age, it was evident that Patrice’s star was to shine brightly. This multi-talented performance artist has to her credits numerous appearances on television and radio as well as outstanding presentations for Mayors, Governors, the president of the United States-even heads of foreign countries..

 Her amazing career began in 1975 when , as a young girl, she brought down the house in a school production of “Purlie” which she played the lead role of Lutibelle.

From this tremendous start, she began acting in various school productions . Patrice began to appear throughout the Philadelphia area on shows such as  the mid-80’s teen favorite “Dancing on Air”, where she was a featured dancer and sang a duet with the musical master himself, Stevie Wonder

 Patrice has had major TV exposure in 1990 on “ Big Break ‘ hosted by Natalie Cole.. This placed her in the arena with artists such as R. Kelly and others whose careers were launched by such exposure.

Patrice’s involvement in the music industry became even bigger in 1990 when she landed the role of “ Peaches “ of the popular duet “ Peaches and Herb”.

 Patrice has been featured on BET and NBC10  She also performed on VH1’s  “Philly Diva’s” with Patti Labelle. She appeared on the Jenny Jones Show with Herb as special musical guests. She has performed in places such as West Indies, Mexico City, Korea, Jamaica, South Africa and all across the U. S.

Patrice is currently the bandleader of CTO SOHO, the ultimate interactive dance band, that has performed at many weddings, corporate parties etc. CTO SOHO was the premiere chose out of several bands to be chosen for a performance in Argentina.

 Patrice’s talents and entertaining personality has enabled her to land several principal acting roles in commercials, testimonials  ,videos and films. Patrice’s versatility includes working with several modeling agencies.

Combining all her magnificent talents, she is debuting as the mother in the up-lifting musical “ the Ghost of Marvin Gaye”

 She still wows audiences throughout the U.S and abroad with her strong passionate vocals. This amazing woman, who has a degree in communications from Temple University and whose dazzling smile and powerful voice could light a New York City blackout, is also a thoughtful and provocative song writer. She found the melodies within and wishes to share her precious gift of song with the world on another level and the world awaits this with anticipation.